Here are links to articles I’ve written:

Ice diary: Science in the fast-changing Arctic

A piece for the BBC News website written during my time on Canada’s Amundsen icebreaker thanks to a fellowship from the World Federation of Science Journalists.

Arctic alpine plants may survive in ‘micro refuges’ as temperatures rise

An article for The Guardian based on a trip to northern Finland funded by a European Geosciences Union Science Journalism Fellowship.

Hacking nature’s coolest inventions to create the perfect metal

A feature for NewScientist about how those seeking to make materials that are both strong and tough have turned to copying nature.

Climate scientist or climate activist – where’s the line?

A feature for PhysicsWorld magazine on individuals’ choices on the action they take as a result of their research into climate change.

Sea turtles carrying thermometers could improve hurricane forecasts

A news story for NewScientist on the ocean temperature data provided by turtles wearing biologgers.

Are any animals unable to hear their own calls?

An example of the Q&As I’ve written for BBC Wildlife magazine.

I’ve also written in print for Physics Review, How it Works magazine, BBC Focus magazine and The Big Issue.

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